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Verified Good   Mega Power Disc 05 (1994-06-23)(Paragon Publishing)(PAL)(GB)(M4)[!][demo- Sensible Soccer V1.08].zip
Verified Good   Mega Power Disc 06 (1994)(Paragon Publishing)(PAL)(GB)(M4)[!][demo - FIFA International Soccer - CE].zip
-   Mega Race.rar
-   Megaschwarzchild (J).rar
-   Mickey Mania (U).rar
Verified Good   Microcosm (1993)(Psygnosis)(PAL)[!][T-113015-50 24].zip
-   Midnight Raiders (E).rar
-   Might And Magic 3 (J).rar
-   Mighty Mighty Missile (Demo) (U).rar
-   Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (U).rar
-   Misadventures Of Flink, The (U).rar
Verified Good   Mortal Kombat (1994)(Arena)(PAL)[!].zip
-   My Paint (U).rar
Verified Good   NBA Jam (1994)(Acclaim)(NTSC)(US)[!].zip
Verified Good   NBA Jam (1994)(Acclaim)(PAL)[!].zip
-   NFL Football Trivia Challenge (U).rar
-   NFLs Greatest - San Fransico Vs Dallas (U).rar
Verified Good   NHL 94 (1993)(Electronic Arts)(NTSC)(US)[!].zip
Verified Good   NHL Hockey 94 (1994)(Electronic Arts)(PAL)[!].zip
-   Night Striker.rar
Verified Good   Night Trap (1993)(Sega)(NTSC)(Jp)(Disc 1 Of 2)[!].zip
Verified Good   Night Trap (1993)(Sega)(NTSC)(Jp)(Disc 2 Of 2)[!].zip
Verified Good   Night Trap (1993)(Sega)(PAL)(Disc 1 Of 2)[!].zip
Verified Good   Night Trap (1993)(Sega)(PAL)(Disc 2 Of 2)[!].zip
-   Night Trap 32x (U) - Disc 1.rar
-   Night Trap 32x (U) - Disc 2.rar
-   Ninja Warriors (J).rar
-   Ninja Warrirors, The (U).rar
-   Nobunanga No Yabou - Haouden (J).rar
Verified Good   Nostalgia 1907 In North Atlantic Sea (1993)(Takeru)(NTSC)(Jp)[!].zip
Verified Good   Novastorm (1994)(Psygnosis)(PAL)[!].zip
-   Out Of This World 2 - Heart Of The Alien (U).rar
-   Penn And Tellers Smoke And Mirrors (U).rar
Verified Good   Pitfall - The Mayan Adventure (1994)(Activision)(PAL)[!].zip
-   Popful Mail (J).rar
-   Popful
-   Power Factory (U).rar
-   Power Monger (U).rar
Verified Good   Prince Of Persia (1993)(Sega)(PAL)[!].zip
Verified Good   Prize Fighter (1993)(Sega)(PAL)(Disc 1 Of 2)[!].zip
Verified Good   Prize Fighter (1993)(Sega)(PAL)(Disc 2 Of 2)[!].zip
-   Prize Fighter (U)[Disc 1].rar
-   Prize Fighter (U)[Disc 2].rar
-   Psychic Detective Series Vol. 4 - Orgel (J).rar
Verified Good   Puggsy (1993)(Psygnosis)(PAL)[!].zip
Verified Good   Quiz Scramble Special (1992)(Sega)(NTSC)(Jp)[!].zip
-   Racing Aces.rar
-   Radical Rex (U).rar
-   Ranma (J).rar
-   RDF Global Conflict (U).rar


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Cracked And Working  Cracked And Working
Alternate Rom Dump  Alternate Rom Dump
Trainer or Cheats  Trainer or Cheats
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Hacked or Edited  Hacked or Edited
Public Domain Free For All  Public Domain (Free For All)
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